Thursday, 6 January 2011

Micro-Update: Firefox Most Used Browser In Europe

Well it's official. StatCounter have just released figures that state that Mozilla Firefox is the most commonly used browser in Europe - just trumping Microsoft's IE.

Using code embedded in over 3 million sites the web analysts collected info from roughly 15 billion monthly hits and discovered Firefox holds 38.11% of Market share in Europe. Wahey!!!

This share is very closely followed by Internet Explorer's 37.52%. Google Chrome has nearly trebled its share from last December to 14.58% (up from 5.06% in 2009).

This symbolic victory for Firefox, and by proxy Open-Source software, is in large part due to the allegations of the browser lottery system in European Windows 7 systems which requires the system to ask the user which browser they would like to use.

Internationally, however, it looks like MS is still on top. Time for a graph. (Screenshot from W3C counter)

International adoption of alternative browsers appears to be slower than in Europe but those figures look nice and reasonable to me.


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