Monday, 31 January 2011

Microsoft Do It Again

Once again the inferiority of Microsoft's flagship browser is spotlighted as the company issue a "critical" warning over a newly-discovered flaw in Internet Explorer on every version of Windows.

Although the flaw aparently resides in the Windows system it only affects IE due to the way the browser handles web pages and documents. Microsoft stated that the flaw would allow malware to be installed silently from simply clicking a link in the browser - this could be a serious threat to those who are less Net-savvy than the rest of us and don't know how to tell a suspicious link from a friendly one.

The malware associated with the flaw is the usual - taking control of a user's machine to get them to downoad even more malware; malware designed to steal passwords and other details etc.

MS have not been able to fix the flaw but have issued a patch to prevent easy expoitation. If you're stupid enough to use IE then I suggest you download it here.

If you wish to then read the announcement here

My advice is, as always, to download an alternative browser. And lock up yo' wife - 'cos they rapin' evrybody out there!


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